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Andrea Dovizioso Ducati MotoGP 2018 Leather Racing Suit

Andrea Dovizioso Ducati MotoGP 2018 Leather Racing Suit

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Andrea Dovizioso Ducati MotoGP 2018 Leather Racing Suit

Andrea Dovizioso Ducati MotoGP 2018 Leather Racing Suit wore the specially featured suit when he showed up with the official Ducati team in MotoGP 2018.

Leather suit specifications and construction

  • Processed top grain dyed leather featured to tailor the suit for exceptional resistant to starches.
  • Durable quality empowered with multiple stitching layers and semi auto-lock zippers.
  • Protection accelerated with CE approved internal protectors and detachable armors which placed on knee, shoulder and elbow.
  • To maintain the riding position sleeves stitched in pre-curved accent.
  • Durability, safety and relief penetrated with rubber padding, amplified leather layer, separable knee slider and spine protector that are CE approved.
  • Rubber padding and aerodynamic hump structured to the suit. (Optional features)

Suit specifications and constructions

Outer suit construction

  • Outer layer made durable with 1.2 to 1.3mm cowhide leather
  • Safety and comfort amalgamated on the shoulder, lower back, sleeves and crotch with stretchable Cordura.
  • The comfort enhanced of the lower back and knees with accordion leather.
  • Suit has pre-curved sleeves while shoulders, knee and elbows feature external protectors (CE authorized).
  • Velcro straps, detachable armors, spine protectors and knee slider stitched on the suit.
  • Safety and comfort saturated in cuff and collar with soft neoprene while polyester nylon thread used for stitching.

Inner suit construction

  • Polyester mesh lining used to structure the inner layer.
  • Safety induced with removable (CE authorized) spine protectors and armors (CE approved).
  • Pocket featured on left side with mesh lining.
  • Aerodynamic hump (CE verified) can be added as an optional feature to the suit.

Suit’s tailor-made customized features

Get your hands on the given options to opt the personal nature of the art leather suit. Options are available in the given link. If you do not find your required features in the link then let us know through the form. We are determined to provide you cutting edge suit. Quote free option is available on the site to support your requirements.


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