What is bomber Jacket?

What is bomber Jacket

What is bomber Jacket

A Bomber Jacket is a short (waist-length) jacket that has a gathered, ribbed waistband and matching cuffs. It has a zipper front and four functional pockets at the top and sides. From its very starting, Bomber Jackets can either have a flat round collar matching the waistband or a shirt collar that is either plain or with a Shearling lining.

History of Bomber Jackets

Bomber leather jackets were introduced during World War I, when most planes did not have an enclosed cockpit and the need for durable, warm bomber leather jackets were at peak. Bomber Leather jacket was established as part of the uniform by the U.S Army and the Aviation Clothing Board.

While the Bomber leather Jacket was essential for the Military, it gradually moved into the collection of civilians. Europe was one of the first to adopt the Bomber Jacket style outside of the military.

Materials used in manufacturing Bomber Jackets


Aside from Leather, Bomber Jackets are also made of Polyester, Nylon and Cotton. It is also common to find Bomber Jackets made of Suede either.

B3 Bomber Jacket – Men

Designed for Aircraft Bombers going up high altitudes during WW2, B3 Bomber Jackets were genuinely made of a combination of Sheepskin as well as Shearling or Sheep fur for extra warmth. The two separate leather straps that enable an open collar to be held shut is one rare element that has a functional point to it. B3 Bomber Jackets has no knit waist-band or slim fit.

B3 Bomber Jacket – Women

Overall concept for B3 bomber jacket women is same as for men. Point of difference is their different styles and patterns made according to ladies figures and slim body structures. These B3 bomber jackets women are made open bottom in shape and design that perfectly fits on their waist and hip. Colors are also set for different fur jackets according to ladies choices like blue, red and pink etc.

 Fashion Bomber Jacket – Men

An addition of creative style elements and different ways of functionality and detail, Fashion bomber jackets are particularly adopted by men getting stylish jackets that complement their own unique style that help them feel who they are and what they’re all about.

Fashion bomber jackets tell different story about the wearer that makes both jacket and individual, unique.

Fashion Bomber Jacket – Women

Fashion bomber jackets Women ensure utmost functionality, versatility and design that mixed together to give you the feel and impact of style that is light years ahead.

From a variety of design elements to colors, textures and details that nod to this increasing group of Fashion bomber jackets that are truly admired by a select, Large group of females.

A2 Flight Bomber Leather Jackets


Mainly made of Horsehide or Goatskin, A2 Flight Bomber Leather Jackets were designed in the early 1930s involving heavy-duty fasteners, cuffs, knit-waists, high collars, wind flaps and zipper closure. Although closed cockpits were introduced by this time, Bomber Jackets continued to have elasticized cuffs and waists for warmth against cold temperatures. A key factor about the A2 Jackets is that the subtle changes in the design added an element of style to its appearance.

Varsity Bomber Leather Jackets – Men


Varsity bomber Leather Jackets Men are of choice for winter months, wool will keep you from feeling the chill with its thickness and warming properties. It is also water resistant and comes in a variety of textures. Wool can be authentic or faux totally depending on your requirements.

Some Varsity bomber Leather jackets Men are found with a simple yet stylish wool lining or on the collar. The innovation behind this is unmatchable.

Varsity Bomber Leather Jackets – Women

The most popular colors in Varsity bomber leather jackets for women would be the green bomber jacket style. Available in a deep khaki green or a muted sage green for those who are not huge fans of color but still want to freshen up. Many women have opted for a cool green Varsity bomber leather jacket. Pink Varsity bomber leather jackets women add a refreshing look to women style. Royal blue is also another attractive option.

V- Bomber Leather Jackets – Men


V- Bomber Leather Jackets Men have Durable Tonal Viscose lining and Detachable Opossum Fur Collar Trim. Triple Stitched Durable Nylon Thread. It has tonal Seam Stitching. This Bubble Leather Jacket Men has two welt angled hand-warmer pockets with branded snap-button closure and two Zipper interior chest Pockets Branded Shoulder Rivets. Two Zipper interior chest Pockets give uniqueness to jacket. The Puffer leather Jacket Men is very puffy and fluffy that will give you luxury feel.


V- Bomber Leather Jackets – Women


V- Bomber Leather Jackets Women have same features as of men but with different ladies fashion, colors, designs and styles. These Jackets have options for both real fox fur collars and fake fox fur collars in all different colors. Jackets are nicely filled with pure cotton and are very puffy and fluffy to wear. These are mostly worn in larger loose sizing and sometimes in the form of longer puffer coats.


Customized Bomber Leather Jackets


Even in a digital age, many people across the world still treasure certain valuables with fond memories and high regard. Whether it be attached to loved ones or past memories to be locked in memory for many years to follow. Someone might have receive a unique leather jacket from his parents, many years ago, one which he not only loved but wore with pride, showing off his cool Customized leather bomber jacket to the world. What was striking about this jacket was the many flags of various countries, forming a type of collage on the jacket surface with functional pockets and details that made it special. Keeping in view the uniqueness and special requirements we have worked on customized patterns of bomber jackets as well to meet the increasing demands of customers.

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